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The Room to Live program is designed to provide factual information about the importance of being properly restrained while riding in a motor vehicle.  

The program is designed  for presentation to high school groups, including driver education classes or larger student assemblies.  It is, however, suitable for any audience.  

The program shows why individuals who remain restrained in their vehicles during crash events, including rollover crashes, are very likely to survive – and often with minimal injury.  It convincingly shows that individuals who are unbelted and thrown from their vehicles are more likely to die or suffer serious injury.

The program includes a detailed discussion about the safety design features built into newer vehicles. These features include safer tires and brakes, airbags, energy management, varying strengths of steel  designed to absorb crash impact and protect vehicle occupants and, of course, seat belts.

Room to Live also reveals the devastating impact on those who are left to deal with the loss of loved ones who simply chose not to buckle their seat belt.

This program has been presented to groups as large as 700 in high school assemblies, safety or health fairs, driver education classes, scout meetings, and small business settings. 

It has proven to be a highly challenging and effective program in the effort to educate people about the importance of seat belt safety.

The Room to Live presenters are strongly committed to improving highway safety through education. 

To arrange a presentation or to obtain a copy of the program for your own presenting, please contact:

Injury Prevention Center - Children's Hospital at Dartmouth
IPC@hitchcock.org  (603) 653-8360